Life with Lucia & Glynn

Life with Lucia & Glynn

Iceland was calling, but maybe not on this layover! 🇮🇸 We touched down in Reykjavík with visions of exploring the city, only to be met by cold winds and closed shops. ‍♀️

This video is a real talk look at our whirlwind (and expensive!) layover in Reykjavík. We dropped our bags, navigated the windy city center, peeked at the famous church (because, Iceland!), and grabbed a (pricey) bite at Café Loki. Ultimately, we decided to head back to the airport and continue our journey to Denmark.

While this layover wasn’t what we planned, it’s a valuable lesson in researching destinations, even for short stops! Learn from our (expensive) mistakes and get some tips for planning a smoother Reykjavík layover in the future.

What are your best tips for navigating unexpected layovers? Share them in the comments!