Life with Lucia & Glynn

Life with Lucia & Glynn

Get ready for a whirlwind adventure through Montreal and beyond! ️

We kick things off with the heart-pounding energy of the Formula One race downtown! The speed, the roar of the engines – it’s an experience you can’t miss! [Optional: Mention your favorite part of the race or any specific drivers you saw]

But Montreal has more to offer than just racing! We stumbled upon a unique restaurant in the mall, where we met a king (sort of) and enjoyed a delicious Montreal-style poutine!

What kind of king was it? Find out in the video!

Feeling like royalty ourselves, we spent the night in the luxurious captain’s quarters at the Captain’s Inn and Suites just to lay our heads for the night. As we journey home tomorrow, we caught a glimpse of the majestic Bolt Castle from afar. Construction began on Boldt Castle in 1900 at the bidding of millionaire hotel magnate George C. Boldt as a tribute to his beloved wife Louise. Boldt Castle was designed as their summer dream home. A castle rivaling those of Europe, built on the St. Lawrence River, in the heart of the 1000 Islands.

This trip was a perfect reminder that adventures can be found around every corner, even in a familiar city!

But the fun doesn’t stop here! Our next adventure is just around the corner, in less than a month! Stay tuned for more exciting travel vlogs!