Life with Lucia & Glynn

Life with Lucia & Glynn

Our Klaipėda adventure on Day 3 started with a twist! We hopped on a cheerful little train, excited to explore the city. Unfortunately, the “happy” turned into a test of our decibel tolerance thanks to a VERY enthusiastic loudspeaker.

Undeterred, we hit the streets and strolled through Klaipėda’s charming atmosphere. Our wanderings led us to a hidden gem – Etno dvaras! This traditional spot offered a delicious taste of Lithuania with their version of pierogi – the amazing koldunai.

Let’s just say, the koldunai were the perfect comfort food after our train experience! Join us for a glimpse into Klaipėda’s streets, the “happy train” (mishap and all!), and a mouthwatering encounter with koldunai!

What are your travel day “happy train” moments (that maybe didn’t go as planned)? Share your stories in the comments below!