Life with Lucia & Glynn

Life with Lucia & Glynn

Who knew a late start could lead to such an epic day in Stockholm? We bolted off the ship and grabbed some caffeine at a cozy coffee shop before hitting the ground running (well, more like brisk walking) through the massive Westfield mall. ‍♀️‍♂️

With our stomachs rumbling (and a whole lotta restaurants closed!), we strategized and landed on Pong, a delicious Asian buffet. Dim sum, sushi, Chinese stir-fry, and even a Thai Tom Yum soup later, we were refueled and ready to explore!

Dodging the pre-game crowds, we made our way to the Vasa Museum, home to a majestic Viking warship that spent centuries chilling at the bottom of the sea. ️ It was fascinating to learn its history and see the incredible preservation efforts.

After soaking up some Viking vibes, we relaxed with a bit of people-watching in the vibrant Museum Square. People-watching is a great way to get a feel for a city’s energy, don’t you think?

Finally, it was time to head back to the ship for a celebratory dinner – it’s our second to last night onboard after all! What a whirlwind day in Stockholm!

What are your favorite things to do in a new city, especially when you’re short on time? Let us know in the comments below!